Monday, July 19, 2010

20 Reasons Why The Crew Loves H-Wood!!!!

It's H-Wood's birthday and she is 20!! Here are 20 reasons why we think she's the best!!!!
1. I love her because we’re pretty much the same person- A-Town
2. We share a love of country music- A-Town
3. I can talk to her about anything- A-Town
4. I love her because we share a love of good food, Costa Vida, veggie sticks, and fruit- A-Town
5. She is tall and makes me feel like a normal sized person instead of an Amazon woman! –B-Dogg
6. She is the type of person you can take anywhere with you because she is down for anything – B-Dogg
7. She laughs at almost anything and makes me feel hilarious! – B-Dogg
8. I love that she is a klepto – C-Pain
9. I love that she always has a pad of paper and some writing utensil such as crayons she stole from CPK just in case she feels the urge to color- C-Pain
10. I love that she is quiet sometimes but if you are sitting next to her you can actually hear that she is hilarious – C-Pain
11. I love how much she loves books; she understands how special they are. – Dr.E
12. I love that you have to pay attention to catch how funny she is- Dr.E
13. I love that she still plays DK on a kart not a motorcycle, stick with what you know! –Dr.E
14. She always seems to find amazing bands first and then she lets me steal them and love them also- E-Son
15. She seriously has the best style of anyone I know and the patience to be stylish-E-Son
16. She’s my childhood BFF and we had the best freaking times together- E-Son
17. She’s so laid back and easy to get along with nobody can not like Holly- E-Son
18. She can wear anything and look fabulous- Foxy Mama
19. She is a kleptomaniac – Foxy Mama
20. I love her vibe, she is mellow but also engaged with what’s going on around her – Foxy Mama

Friday, June 25, 2010

22 Reasons Why The Crew Loves C-Pain!!!!

It’s C-Pain’s birthday! She’s turning 22 so here are 22 reasons why we love her!!!

1. The fact that we spent 5 months straight together and she still is letting me come to Seattle to visit her- B-Dogg

2. She is one of the funniest people I know! - B-Dogg

3. The fact that Confessions of a Shopaholic has a striking resemblence to her life and I was able to witness it first hand - B-Dogg

4. I know she will always let me complain to her about anything whenever I need to - B-Dogg

5. She loves The LXD just as much as me- Dr.E

6. She actually got water poured on her and then laughed about it- Dr.E

7. She likes the dumb movies I like -Dr. E

8. She's hilarious- Dr.E

9. She will always be part of the best experience of my life at the Olive Garden -Foxy Mama

10. She can just laugh and it makes me start laughing - Foxy Mama

11. She always is so put together and looking fabulous - Foxy Mama

12. She was willing to die for me when I needed her too! - Foxy Mama

13. She always laughs at everything I say. Mostly haha - A-Town

14. I love her because she's cool when we don't shower and are gross - A-Town

15.She is willing to do whatever whenever -A-Town

16. She's totally understanding and we have good heart to hearts when we are all together - A-Town

17. She'll wear stuff that's super cute and say it reminded her of me when she bought it - H-Wood

18. She is always up for anything - H-Wood

19. She has the loudest, most awesome laugh - H-Wood

20. She comes to me for her tv internet advice - E-Son

21. She loves kitties like I do - E-Son

22. We both have had some hilarious bus experiences that we've shared - E-Son

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 Reasons Why The Crew Loves A-Town!!!!

It's A-Town's B-day!!!! She is turning 20 so here are 20 reasons why we love her!
1. She listens to hip hop jams with me – B-Dogg
2. She says hilarious and inappropriate things about celebrities – B-Dogg
3. She is always up for a late night chat outside my house – B-Dogg
4. She showed me that hilarious clip from Chelsea Lately – C-Pain
5. She buys DVDs so that her bookshelf will be full and look pretty – C-Pain
6. Because of BELLE BELLE!! – C-Pain
7. She’s pretty funny! – Dr. E
8. She always laughs at my jokes – Dr. E
9. She’s always willing to have a dance party with me! – Dr. E
10. She’s so outgoing, Whenever the crew needs to call/talk to someone they’re unfamiliar with she always does it – E-Son
11. She’s really raunchy, but in an awesome way. I never feel uncomfortable talking to her about anything – E-Son
12. Whenever I don’t want to run an errand or do something by myself, she’ll come along for the ride –E-Son
13. She’s good at keeping in touch and its really easy to talk on the phone with her – E-Son
14. She brushes her hair like Ariel – Foxy Mama
15. She makes me laugh – Foxy Mama
16. She tells it like it is – Foxy Mama
17. She’s always up for anything – H-Wood
18. She shares my love of Country – H-Wood
19. She makes anything 5 times more exciting just by being there – H-Wood
20. We’ve had loads and loads of fun times and memories together – H-Wood
Happy Birthday A-Town!!! We love you!!!! Have an amazing day!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dennis Quaid Is Here!

So everytime Dennis Quaid is on Ellen she has him play pranks on unsuspecting people with hidden cameras and it is always hilarious! This one was the very first one and was in a Starbucks! It is so funny! Dennis Quaid is my all time favorite guest on Ellen!

Dennis Quaid Is Ready For Lunch!

Here is the second one he did to a delivery guy in his dressing room!

Dennis Quaid Needs A Jump!

Here is the most recent one he did where they brought a mechanic to the lot and a broken down car! Which one do you think is the funniest?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebrity Look-A-Likes!!!

So for a long time I have seen certain celebrity or celebrity type people who I thought resembled one another and I thought I would share my thoughts about it, I have thought of 4 groups of people who I think look like one another....I tried my very best to get pictures where they looked very similar, were making the same facial expression, or it made it hard to tell who was who....

So here are my Celebrity Look-a-likes:

The first one is Toure and Andy Samberg
For those of you who didn't know Andy Samberg has a long lost black twin who works at Fuse! No Joke they look like they have been seperated at birth! You might think this is impossible for them to be twins but once as a young girl of 17 I was reading no other than Seventeen Magazine and came across an article that was about twins...their dad was black their mom was white and guess what?! One of the twins was white and the other black! So it is indeed possible so I am convinced these two were seperated at birth and you are welcome guys that I have found your long lost other half for you!

Next celebrity look-a-likes are James Franco and James Dean!
With sharing the same name, same bad boy aurora, same bone structure how could these two not look a like?! James Franco even played James Dean for a TV series! They don't look like twins...but they do however have very similar facial outlines and expressions.

Third look-a-likes are Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel!
When Katy Perry first stepped out into the scene I literally thought Zooey Deschanel had taken a break from acting and decided to become a pop star! Then they said her name was Katy Perry so I thought oh she changed her name! For months I literally thought they were the same person...Sometimes I still think they are! I don't know if its easy for you to tell who is who in these pictures but go ahead and guess! If you just glance quickly at them its difficult to tell who is Katy and who is Zooey!

Last but not least is Robert Redford and Brad Pitt!
So when watching Robert Redford as a younger actor I immediately think of a Pre Angelina Jolie/hippy Brad Pitt. However in pictures they don't look as much a like as I thought they would but they still have something here that reminds me of the other one!

You be the judge who looks the most a like and who looks the least a like!?! Also if you can think of anymore celebrity look a likes tell us or post about them if you remember how!