Monday, July 19, 2010

20 Reasons Why The Crew Loves H-Wood!!!!

It's H-Wood's birthday and she is 20!! Here are 20 reasons why we think she's the best!!!!
1. I love her because we’re pretty much the same person- A-Town
2. We share a love of country music- A-Town
3. I can talk to her about anything- A-Town
4. I love her because we share a love of good food, Costa Vida, veggie sticks, and fruit- A-Town
5. She is tall and makes me feel like a normal sized person instead of an Amazon woman! –B-Dogg
6. She is the type of person you can take anywhere with you because she is down for anything – B-Dogg
7. She laughs at almost anything and makes me feel hilarious! – B-Dogg
8. I love that she is a klepto – C-Pain
9. I love that she always has a pad of paper and some writing utensil such as crayons she stole from CPK just in case she feels the urge to color- C-Pain
10. I love that she is quiet sometimes but if you are sitting next to her you can actually hear that she is hilarious – C-Pain
11. I love how much she loves books; she understands how special they are. – Dr.E
12. I love that you have to pay attention to catch how funny she is- Dr.E
13. I love that she still plays DK on a kart not a motorcycle, stick with what you know! –Dr.E
14. She always seems to find amazing bands first and then she lets me steal them and love them also- E-Son
15. She seriously has the best style of anyone I know and the patience to be stylish-E-Son
16. She’s my childhood BFF and we had the best freaking times together- E-Son
17. She’s so laid back and easy to get along with nobody can not like Holly- E-Son
18. She can wear anything and look fabulous- Foxy Mama
19. She is a kleptomaniac – Foxy Mama
20. I love her vibe, she is mellow but also engaged with what’s going on around her – Foxy Mama


Holly said...

Oh my word!! You guys I love it! And I love all you! Thank you! this made my day!

Jared and Faith Peacock said...

You're awesome Holly! And Hilarious! I loved these, they're so true!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................